On the Wall

  • Tuesday, 02/10/2015

    Spotlight On: Lead Artist Angel Garcia

    Lead Artist Angel Garcia has climbed the ladder at Groundswell, working up from the foundation of the scaffold as a youth artist to where he stands today, at the top of the tower, guiding groups of young people in the collaborative research, design, and fabrication of public art.

  • Monday, 02/02/2015

    It May Be Freezing Outside...

    But things are heating up at Groundswell!


    As the sidewalks begin to thaw, Groundswell has news that is hot off the press!

  • Thursday, 01/08/2015


    Thank you to everyone who contributed to our year-end campaign. 

  • Thursday, 01/08/2015

    It Takes a Village

    By bringing these cross-sector community partners together with Groundswell youth and professional artists, we can collectively solve complex problems.

  • Thursday, 01/08/2015

    A Mural is Worth a Thousand Words

    Earlier this year, CityLab from The Atlantic asked its readers "Can Murals Change a Neighborhood?"


    At Groundswell, we know they can.