On the Wall

  • Monday, 05/09/2016

    Support Summer Jobs for Youth

    This summer, public art will move in next door to more than 20,000 public housing residents.

  • Friday, 03/11/2016

    Five public housing developments. Fifteen public artworks.

    Last month, five teams of youth artists across the city joined a movement to transform their homes and their communities through art. 

  • Thursday, 01/28/2016

    A Visual Way To Learn

    What happens to a Groundswell mural after the paint dries? 

  • Friday, 01/22/2016

    Groundswell Education Resources

    As a component of our Scaffold Up! collective impact model, Groundswell has created a series of educational curricula about several of our recent murals.

  • Tuesday, 12/22/2015

    A Long Way from Home

    "I Just Want To Come Home," a new mural created in Bushwick by an all-male team of Groundswell artists, offers itself as a contemporary blues piece.